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Why Providing VoIP is a Great Way to Generate Recurring Revenue

Posted by Cody Hathaway on Fri, Apr 02, 2021 @ 09:33 AM


If you are an MSP, you likely already know what recurring revenue is, and you're bringing it in every single month with the services you manage for your customers. However, if you're a break-fix IT shop, or a one-time business solutions sales shop, you likely don't have much recurring revenue.

How can you change that? Even MSPs, if you're an MSP that is only managing two or three services for your customers, how can you increase your recurring revenue stream?

Providing Voice over IP solutions is a great way to generate recurring revenue. Lets say you're that break-fix shop, and you're looking to bring on more revenue or even transition into an MSP. How can voice solutions do that for you?


Businesses that provide voice solutions to their customers are able to lock their customers into long-term contracts, and generate high-margin recurring revenue each month. Depending on your customer base and the user size of each customer, you could enjoy anywhere from 50%-70% profit margins each month. That is 2-3 times more revenue than a typical referral model.

MSPs are able to add voice to the list of services they manage for their customers, smaller IT shops, and other businesses that do not provide managed services can use voice as a way to transition into an MSP model. You can basically use voice as a "trojan horse", or a "foot in the door", to start managing services for your customers and generate that high-margin recurring revenue each month.

With White Label Communications private label model, we help our partners generate this kind of revenue. White Label provides you with everything you need to sell, manage, and provide this service, plus having receiving training from our expert training staff to make you successful.

How about this? Click on the button below to schedule a call with one of our seasoned sales executives, and they'll be able to show you how you can enjoy monthly recurring revenue today!

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