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Why is Unified Communications Important?

Posted by Cody Hathaway on Mon, Mar 29, 2021 @ 04:00 PM


Unified communications (UC) can be defined simply as the centralization of communication features integrated into a user-based application. Unified communications generally feature sets like chat, voice, video, presence, voicemail, call center, etc.

UC applications weren't all the rage as recent as 2 years ago. Yes, some companies did utilize these feature sets and some have for many years, but UC wasn't as widely known as it is today.

Why is that? Most companies were using traditional VoIP systems and feature sets, not as robust as what's offered now. Others were running, and still do run, on legacy systems that do not have any UC feature sets or those enjoyed with a traditional VoIP system.

The end-users have these companies didn't have much of a need for it, so it wasn't demanded. Since end-users weren't demanding features like UC, their companies weren't providing them, and since companies weren't providing them, most providers weren't developing and offering them.

What changed? The COVID-19 pandemic. March of 2020 is when the business landscape changed drastically, and in some cases, changed it forever. Companies had to move overnight to a 100% remote business operation, some had solutions in place, while others had none.

Those that had no solutions had to scramble to find solutions to enable remote work. They would call MSPs, IT companies, VoIP providers, and whomever else they could find to buy solutions. This would happen on a global scale and would usher in a new era of unified communications.

So why is UC important? The pandemic showed the business world why UC was so important to have. You need to have a platform that offers robust unified communications, because you never know when you'll need it the most, and when you do know, it may be too late.

UC isn't just for remote work, not at all, UC can be efficiently utilized in the office. UC offers such a wide range of communication tools that make collaboration and day-to-day business operations much more efficient.

Utilizing features like chat, real-time presence groups, call center features, a digital company directory, and call recordings can go a long way into improving the life of the end-user and business operations as a whole.

What does White Label offer? White Label Communications provides our partners with an outstanding unified communications product. Our UC application included communications tools and features, and also includes productivity tools as well.

White Label was an early player in the world of UC, as we released our application in 2018. We take great pride in offering our partners a quality voice over IP platform, and we take equal pride in our UC offering as well.

We are constantly adding to and improving our UC application and listening to our partners on what feature sets and updates they'd like to see.

If you'd like to learn more about our unified communications offering, click the button below to schedule a demo with one of our seasoned executives today!


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Posted by Cody Hathaway on Mon, Mar 22, 2021 @ 02:56 PM

remoteworkIt's been over a year since the world changed drastically. Almost overnight, we saw a shift from normal day-to-day business operations to a complete work-from-home, virtual model.

Businesses were frantic in setting up their employees with solutions to keep them connected during this time. Some had the solutions they needed already in place, some had to go out and buy the first solutions they came across, and others had to call around and find the solutions right for them.

Voice and unified communications companies as a whole were at the forefront of this business shift, and still are today. Certain solutions, such as unified communications clients, weren't all that popular before the pandemic, but companies such as White Label Communications were already heavily invested in unified communications app.


In 2018 White Label Communications released our Unified Communications client. The client evolved from standard chat features, call recording, and call history to providing features like presence groups, softphone, and call center consoles.

See a full list of our Unified Communications features here:

  • Chat
  • Softphone
  • Voicemail w/transcription
  • Call Center Console
  • Call Recordings
  • Call History
  • Company Directory
  • Realtime Presence Groups
  • Video Conferencing (soon to be released)
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Notes

We provide our partners the ability to provide their customers with solutions to enable them to be 100% work-from-home capable. Our partners end-users can go from their office to their home and stay connected as if they never left the office.

We understand what end-users need to stay connected and continue their day-to-day business operations from a remote environment, and that's why we continue to strive to develop new and improve existing solutions to tailor to remote worker needs.

Partners and end-users can use our Unified Communications client through the web-browser, on a desktop app, or through a mobile app.

Our Unified Communications client isn't the only remote solution we offer to our partners however. Our partners are also able to provide their customers with a mobile application for calling and SMS.


Our proprietary mobile application, NimbusPhone, enables end-users to call through our hosted PBX from anywhere, as long as you are connected through data or the Internet.

You will be able to call using your office/company phone number, when people call your office number, and you're using your Nimbus app, the call will ring directly to your smartphone.

See a full list of NimbusPhone features here:

  • Make outbound calls from your mobile device as if you were at your desk, showing your company telephone number as the outbound caller ID.
  • Receive inbound calls by extension number or business telephone number directly on your mobile app.
  • Voicemail playback.
  • Configure your Device Users Find Me Follow Me (FMFM) settings.
  • Make adjustments to your FMFM Time of Day schedule.
  • Browse your internal company directly with single-click calling.
  • Access Contacts from your mobile device.
  • Speed Dial (QuickDial)
  • SMS. Send/receive text messages from your business DID.
  • See real-time user presence to see if other users are on or off phone calls.

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic began, we at White Label Communications have made unified communications and mobile solutions a priority in our offerings.

We understood the business landscape of the 21st century, and our partners were able to take full advantage of our robust remote solutions to keep their customers connected at home during this unprecedented time in world history.

Give us a call today at 855-952-8647 and select the sales option, or request a demo through our website to learn more and get started today!

White Label

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White Label Communications Releases New UC Client!

Posted by Marshall Bruno on Mon, Oct 08, 2018 @ 01:00 PM

Something Big is Coming!
White Label Communications is proud to announce the release of our brand-new UC product! 

Monday, October 8, 2018

White Label's new UC Client which can be accessed from a web browser or can be installed on all major platforms including Windows, iOS, Linux, and AndroidBOOM!
It’s re-imagining data management and centralized communications – BOOM!
It’s empowering users to quickly and efficiently interact in the enterprise space using several communication methods – BOOM!
Is it your office’s new best friend? Yes!

The UC Client's Desktop Features Include:
  • Inter-office Chat
  • File Sharing
  • Company Directory
  • Phone Integration with White Label Communications VoIP Services for
    • Quick-Call
    • Modify and maintain user-specific call routing (FMFM)
    • View real-time call history
    • Access voicemails
    • Access call recordings
    • Supervise call centers with the call center console
    • View real-time phone presence (BLF)
  • And more to come...

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Resell VoIP Now to Become an Expert in Unified Communications

Posted by Chris Griffith on Tue, Nov 22, 2016 @ 11:58 AM

Resell VoIPBusiness owners are always looking for the best ways they can communicate with others, which includes both colleagues and customers. They understand that the business world we live in today is no longer limited when it comes to efficient communications. Instead of focusing on making local business connections, the focus is now on making global connections.

And they're able to do this because of VoIP technology. For many years the majority of these business owners have been using a landline, mainly because they simply couldn't afford to pay for high-tech VoIP services. But now that the costs associated with utilizing a VoIP based communication platform have drastically lowered over the past few years, they've finally made the necessary upgrade.

This it is extremely exciting news for the small and midsize business owners who have so far been using a limiting landline! Now they can have access to the new and improved communication options that can easily help them grow their business into exactly what they want it to be.

Unified Communications

If you're someone who would like to resell VoIP services to the small and midsized business owners who are still using a landline - yes, there are still thousands of SMBs using a landline today - the opportunity is still available. The fact that VoIP technology can offer any business a number of extremely beneficial communication services means that every business owner needs to have an upgraded communication system if they want to be successful. If they don't, they're simply not going to be able to keep up with those who do.

When any business has access to VoIP technology, they also have access to other communication benefits, like video conferencing and cloud conferencing services. These new and improved communications solutions are proving to be extremely popular these days, and not just locally. New and improved VoIP technology allows any business to connect with others on a global level. The invisible barriers that once separated the business world into geographic locations no longer exists…

Now any business is able to easily and quickly connect with any other business using updated communication options. Nice!

Video Conferencing & Cloud Conferencing

The fact that the high majority of business owners prefer to communicate face to face means that more people than ever are using video conferencing services these days. And once these businesses use video conferencing services, they're going to use them again. In fact, 1 out of every 4 business owners now claim that they use video conferencing at least once a day. About 1 out of every 3 owners use these services about once a week.

The ability for any business to now collaborate with others face to face is making a huge impact when it comes to creating important business relationships. Video conferencing is much more personal than talking over a telephone line, and that's what most businesses are looking to do - connect with others on a more personal level. And it doesn't matter where either party is located, as long as they both have access to the technology that allows them to host a video conference.

Because cloud services are also available once a business updates their landline based communication system to one that can support VoIP technology, cloud conferences are now becoming quite popular, too. Cloud conference services allow any business to set up a conference call using updated cloud technology, which means that all parties will have access to each other's information in a highly productive and efficient way.

Resell VoIP

Are you ready to be a part of the exciting world of Unified Communications? Do you want to help both small and midsized business owners understand what kind of updated communication services they'll have access to once they upgrade from landline to VoIP?

If you love technology and helping people, we invite you to contact us today to find out how you can successfully resell VoIP services. Depending on your reselling goals, you can choose to resell VoIP services part time or full time. It's up to you!

White Label

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Want to Resell VoIP Services? Sign Up Now to Win the Authority Race

Posted by Chris Griffith on Fri, Nov 20, 2015 @ 03:42 PM

resell VoIPThere are many benefits to becoming a VoIP reseller. One of the most beneficial is being given the opportunity to become an authority on the topic of Unified Communications. Now that VoIP technology is deemed to be completely affordable, one by one both small and medium-sized companies are choosing to ditch their limiting landline. And because they've been using a landline for communication purposes for so long now, they're in need of a professional VoIP reseller to assist them with this essential communication upgrade.

Current statistics are telling us that about 40% of SMBs are still using a landline. This means those who are interested in having a career reselling VoIP services will need to make a decision soon if they want to get their fair share of this communication niche market… and be seen as an authority on VoIP.

Reselling VoIP Services

Now that more and more business owners are signing up so that they can have access to VoIP services, we can see that VoIP technology is now the first choice when it comes to quality telephone service. The past few years we've seen many thousands of business owners getting rid of their limiting landline as they've been learning more about how VoIP technology can help them create an efficient unified communications system, which is an extremely beneficial asset in today's fast paced business world.

The fact that VoIP technology is still continuing to steadily grow in popularity over the years proves that the communication industry is one that's very important to every company doing business these days. And in order for any business owner to be and/or stay competitive, it's simply necessary for them to start utilizing VoIP technology.

VoIP allows any business the ability to get access to the many new and improved telecommunications options that are now available.


While the opportunity to resell VoIP services is an excellent one, those who are considered to be an authority on the topic of VoIP (and all that it entails) are the ones who are going to be the most successful resellers. For the most part, new VoIP customers are going to be long term customers. This means that they're going to expect their chosen VoIP reseller to help guide them in their business decisions so that they can always continue to learn more about this specialty communication niche. It also means that they expect to receive the absolute best customer service possible, as they should.

When those who resell VoIP services take the time to fully educate themselves about this new and improved communication option, they're going to be seen as someone who has authority in this specialized communication niche. And when someone is seen as an authority in their chosen field, it's much easier for potential customers to see them as someone they can trust.

Sign Up Today to Win the Race!

If you're someone who's currently looking for a reselling opportunity that can have you earning the recurring revenue you're looking for in a brand new reselling career, then know that the opportunity to resell VoIP services is still available. Well, the opportunity to become a professional VoIP reseller will probably be around for quite awhile. However, if you're someone who wants to be viewed as an authority on VoIP technology, then signing up sooner rather than later is going to be your best bet.

Now is the time to start learning more about how VoIP technology can help business owners find the communication options that are going to help them bring their business to a whole new level.

Wondering how you're going to become an authority on all things VoIP? We can help! We here at White Label Communications created a reselling program that includes everything you need to know about successfully reselling VoIP services. The opportunity to become a VoIP authority won't be around forever, so please contact us today with any questions that you may have.

White Label

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Reselling Cloud Phone Systems Supports Unified Communications

Posted by Chris Griffith on Tue, Nov 03, 2015 @ 03:34 PM

Reselling Cloud Phone SystemsIt's essential for those who are currently reselling cloud phone systems to understand everything there is to know about the Cloud so they can best help their customers. Now that VoIP technology is deemed to be completely affordable, no longer does a business have to use a limiting landline. We say limiting because once a business's communication platform is updated so that it can now support VoIP technology, that business is going to have access to a wide variety of new and updated communication services.

One of these new communication services involves having a business's phone system be Cloud based. Because there's so many benefits to utilizing the Cloud, business owners who are still using a limiting landline are now actively seeking out those who are reselling cloud phone systems so they can make this essential communication upgrade.

Reselling Cloud Phone Systems

Even though the costs associated with updating a business's communication platform to one that can now support VoIP services have lowered substantially over the past two years, they're still many business owners who are still using a limiting landline. Although there are few different reasons for businesses still using a landline for communication purposes, the main reason is because the need more information about how a Cloud supported phone system works.

Another reason is because they’ve been using a landline for many years now, and they're comfortable with using a landline based phone system. The majority of these business owners are very busy and feel that they'll look into updating their communication platform when they have time. What the need to realize is that the time for them to do this is right now.

Unified Communications

Because there's so much competition in the business world we live in today, it's essential for every business to have an updated unified communications platform. If they don't, they're just going to fall further and further behind the businesses that are already using high-tech VoIP services. These landline using businesses need to understand that it's important for them to make the investment to update their communication platform if they want their business to succeed.

Still Using a Landline

Even though it's understandable that's some businesses are resistant to change, this communication update shouldn't be seen as an option. It should be seen as something that's necessary for any business to stay competitive in their particular niche. And the longer these landline using businesses wait to update their communication system, they're going to fall further and further behind those who are enjoying the many beneficial features the VoIP technology can now offer a business.

White Label Communications

At White Label Communications, we fully understand how essential it is for every business owner to upgrade from landline to VoIP. And the fact that VoIP technology is replacing landline technology and will thus be around for many years to come means that sooner or later every business owner will need to have access to a VoIP based communication platform.

If you're someone who's interested in reselling cloud phone systems so you can help business owners create a unified communications system, then we invite you to contact us today for more information. Be sure to have your questions ready, so we can provide all the answers you're looking for today when it comes to being an expert reseller. You even have a chance to start your own private label reselling business!

Contact us today in you could be a reselling cloud phone systems in as little as just a few short weeks.

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Reselling Cloud Phone Service = Helping Businesses Earn More Revenue

Posted by Chris Griffith on Sun, Mar 15, 2015 @ 04:18 PM

reselling cloud phone serviceNow that cloud communications services are deemed to be completely affordable for all of the small and medium-sized businesses that tend to run on a strict communication budget, more and more of these business owners are beginning to seek out information about how these cloud services can help them run their business more efficiently. And as every business owner should know, the more efficiently they run their business the more money they should expect to bring in. The fact that today's business world is one that's extremely competitive truly makes it essential for every business owner to make their business as efficiently run as possible.

Unified Communications

What we're seeing happening in the business communication world nowadays is a slow and steady transition from using the traditional landline (that's been used for 20+ years now) to using VoIP technology. This communications upgrade has been long overdue, and now that any business owner is able to afford the costs associated with upgrading their business communication system there's simply no reason for them to not do so. Upgrading a business' communication platform to one that can now utilize VoIP technology allows any business owner the ability to create a unified communication system.

Reselling Cloud Phone Service

Recent statistics are now telling us that one by one these small and medium-sized business owners are beginning to understand the importance of upgrading their current landline based business communication system. This means that those who are currently reselling cloud phone services are reaping the rewards as these business owners are choosing to ditch the landline and instead choose the high-tech VoIP services that can help them run their business more efficiently.

But the fact that only about 3 out of every 5 business owners have currently made the decision to upgrade their landline based business communication system means that there's still plenty of business owners who still need to sign up for high-tech VoIP services. This means if you're someone who's truly interested in reselling a cloud phone service, then you should look into doing so very soon.

Help Businesses Earn More Revenue

Once you sign up so you can start reselling cloud phone services, you're going to want to gain the trust of your customers. One of the best ways you can do this is to let them know that they can expect to earn more revenue once they upgrade to a VoIP-based business communication system. Why? Because VoIP technology allows a business owner access to a large number of extremely beneficial communication services that support efficiency. These small and medium-sized business owners are now able to use these updated communication services in a variety of ways that will help them better compete with those within their niche.

Reselling Cloud Phone Service

Not only can small and medium-sized business owners expect to earn more revenue by simply updating their business communication system, those who are interested in reselling a cloud phone service can also expect to earn the recurring revenue that so many business owners are looking for these days. Simply put, reselling a cloud phone service is a great way for anyone who's interested in reselling communication technologies - like VoIP, cloud communications, PBX and SIP trunking - to earn the recurring revenue they're looking for in today's competitive world of business.

White Label Communications

Contact us now for more information about you can start reselling cloud phone services in as little as a few weeks.

White Label

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Resell VoIP Services & Help SMBs Make the Leap to Mobility

Posted by Chris Griffith on Sun, Dec 07, 2014 @ 09:53 AM

Resell VoIP ServicesIn order to stay competitive in the business world we live in today it's important for both small and medium-sized business owners to be using the most current unified communication methods. A strong communication system is considered to be a crucial part of any business these days, which is especially important when it comes to providing a way for employees to communicate with each other whenever necessary.

When a business owner makes the choice to integrate VoIP technology into their unified communications system, they're doing what it takes to create an advanced communication method that will allow their employees to utilize their email, voice and chat systems in a much more productive manner.


VoIP technology has been used by big businesses for a number of years now, giving them the edge when it comes to the ability to communicate in the most efficient manner possible. As with any new technology, the cost of integrating VoIP into a business when it was first available was quite high making it so that only the big businesses could afford VoIP technology. Because the greater part of both small and medium-sized businesses couldn't afford to integrate VoIP into their business communication system when it first became available many years ago, they continued to use a landline in order to connect with others.

But now VoIP has significantly lowered in its cost making it affordable to any business owner.


Now that VoIP technology is completely affordable both small and medium-sized business owners are excited that they finally get to integrate beneficial VoIP technology into their business. They no longer have to use the traditional telephone landline that can only offer so many communication benefits. Now these business owners are also able to enjoy all of the many various VoIP services that come with an updated unified communications system. And because their telephone calls will now been made using the internet instead of a landline, they can not only expect their call quality to be much higher they can also expect to save some money!

The business world we currently live in is one where more of an emphasis is being placed on giving employees the ability to work when not in the office. The mobile age has indeed arrived and working professionals are quickly finding out that the ability for them to work efficiently when out on the go is now available to them.

The Leap to Mobility

Once a business owner signs up for high-tech VoIP services they're able to provide their employees with the ability to be mobile. Many employees are encouraged to 'bring your own device' (BYOD) so that they're able to access all of the VoIP-related features that will allow them to work when not in the office. Because the ability for employees to work when they're  out and about is still something that's fairly new, it's important for business owners to create a set of procedures and rules that must be followed, as well as a data plan that needs to be fully configured.

Resell VoIP Services

Are you someone who's been thinking about what it is that you need to do in order to resell VoIP services? If yes, then we invite you to contact us today so we can answer any and all of your reselling VoIP questions. When you choose to resell VoIP services, you're not only choosing a potentially lucrative career that can help you find the financial freedom that you're looking for, you're also helping both small and medium-sized business owners understand how integrating VoIP technology into their particular business can give them the tools they need to effectively compete in the highly competitive world of business we live in today.

White Label

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Through our private label reseller offering you can utilize the White Label Communications software and infrastructure to provide full Hosted PBX and PBX SIP Trunking solutions with an unparalleled feature set

White Label Atlas Software Features:

  • Full Private Label Branding
  • Geo-Redundant Active/Active Data Centers
  • Hosted PBX
  • SIP Trunking
  • Call Recording
  • Device Auto Provisioning
  • Sales Quoting
  • Billing System
  • Tax Integration
  • Credit Card Integration
  • Instant DID Ordering
  • Porting (LNP) Manager
  • White Label University
  • API Integration
  • Infinite Scalability

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