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White label announces Grand rapids data center - now available!

Posted by Marshall Bruno on Wed, Sep 12, 2018 @ 02:52 PM

Expansion of WLC’s business-class network operations to serve growing demands for nationwide Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking

White Label Communications is excited to announce the completion of a New State-of-the-Art VoIP Data Center located in Grand Rapids, Michigan!  The new data center enables White Label to meet growing demands for its business-class Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking services. This new facility joins White Label’s fabric of active VoIP data centers in Philadelphia and Las Vegas.


  • Greater capacity
  • Additional redundancy
  • Enhanced routing
  • Additional VoIP registration points
  • Additional network peering

Michigan On-Net Network Peers

  • Centurylink / Level 3
  • Verizon
  • Comcast
  • AT&T
  • Everstream
  • Windstream
  • US Signal
  • 123.net


Intelligent Registration - With the addition of the Grand Rapids Michigan (GRR) data center, White Label has removed the ability to select a data center preference.  Why you ask?  White Label’s Intelligent Registration Technology automatically selects the default data center and registration proxy based on a number of factors.  Instead of using a primary, secondary, and tertiary DNS SRV records we have consolidated to a single DNS SRV record.  This single DNS SRV record contains a minimum of four registration servers.  White Label's Intelligent Registration Technology automatically load balances and monitors for latency, packet loss, route stability and congestion proactively setting the priority of each proxy in near real-time. 

Michigan Data Center Info
"The Largest, Most Advanced Data Center Campus in the Eastern US"

The Pyramid Campus in Michigan serves as the east coast hub for Switch’s cloud and data center services. This campus extends the largest and most advanced technology collaboration ecosystem across the continental United States. The Switch Pyramid Campus is an icon of the company’s commitment to community and economic development.

  • Up to 1.1 million sq ft, 5 story pyramid made of steel, glass, and concrete
  • Up to 110 MW of power, with 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • 100% renewable energy used to power the facilities
  • Connected to the world’s largest technology collaboration ecosystem

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Turnkey PBX Systems: Hello VoIP Services... 5 Transitioning Tips

Posted by Chris Griffith on Fri, Feb 20, 2015 @ 10:13 AM

Turnkey PBX SystemsNow that VoIP technology is completely affordable, any business owner who's looking to upgrade their business communication system can now afford to do so. Because the majority of small and midsized businesses tend to operate on a fairly tight communication budget, when many of them think about high-tech VoIP services they often think that the cost is going to be too much for their budget. And this makes complete sense. I mean, how could upgrading to a better telephony system cost them less money?

But the fact of the matter is that the high majority of businesses can expect to save money when they choose to ditch their landline and upgrade to using VoIP services.

Goodbye PBX System

For the most part, both small and midsized business owners have been using a PBX as the foundation of their telephone system. This communication system uses a landline for connection purposes, and has been used by business owners for more than 20 years now. Because so many business owners have been using a PBX system for so long now, many of them are comfortable using this landline based system. They don't feel a need to upgrade their current landline based telephone system to one that can now utilize the internet for transmission purposes.

Hello VoIP Services

But there are some who understand just how essential it is to upgrade their business communication system to one that can now utilize VoIP technology. As soon as the costs of integrating VoIP services lowered a few years ago, these business owners were quick to find a VoIP reseller and sign up so they could start immediately benefitting from these new and better communication services.

This handful of business owners are no longer using a landline, which it is slowly but surely becoming known as an outdated technology. Instead, they're now able to have access to a large number of extremely beneficial services that will help them take their business wherever they want it to go. They're no longer limited to using a landline, and instead now have access to the broadband technology that allows for faster and better communication abilities.

5 Transitioning Tips

If you're a business owner who's still using a landline instead of VoIP technology, it's important for you to know that new VoIP reports are telling us that the high majority of business owners will have signed up for VoIP services by the year 2017. So it's truly only a matter of time before you're going to need to sign up for high-tech VoIP services. The following are a few transitioning tips that will help you make this technology upgrade as smooth as possible.

  1. Know everything there is to know about your current internet connection.
  2. Have at least a good basic understanding of what VoIP is and how it can help benefit your business.
  3. Either you or someone who knows a lot about technology should be in charge of making sure that the installation process is done right.
  4. Inform and train all of your employees to utilize your new VoIP system.
  5. Find the absolute best VoIP reseller to give your business to!

White Label Communications

If you need help finding the best VoIP reseller so you can feel confident about making this technology upgrade, be sure to contact us today. We know everything there is to know about reselling VoIP services and can therefore connect you with some of the best VoIP resellers out there. There's truly no reason for you to have to wait any longer when it comes to utilizing high-tech VoIP services. And when you do sign up for high-tech VoIP services, the only question you'll have is 'why didn't I do this sooner?'

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SIP Trunking Reseller Partners Ask: Do You Need SIP Trunks?

Posted by Chris Griffith on Tue, Oct 14, 2014 @ 04:25 PM

SIP Trunking Reseller PartnersBoth small and medium-sized business owners are quickly finding out that SIP trunking technology can help them run their business much more efficiently. SIP trunking, otherwise known as Session Initiation Protocol, is one of the newest options available to business owners who are looking for new high-tech telephony choices. SIP trunking is considered to be one of the more advanced telephony options that can offer a business owner lots of advantages. Because SIP trunking uses the internet to transmit a voice session vs. the traditional landline that so many small and medium-sized business owners are still using to this day, users of SIP trunks can expect to experience faster and higher quality telephone calls.

SIP Trunking

If you're a business owner who's currently spending a large amount of money on your business communication system, it may be time for you to rethink your current setup. First of all, business owners who are still using a landline and would like to upgrade to utilizing SIP trunks should know that they're going to save money when they upgrade. Yes, you're right, it's usually the other way around. But because new SIP trunking technology is so efficient, when you choose to install SIP trunks into your current business communication system it's highly likely that you're going to pay less than what you're paying now because it's a new and advanced technology that simplifies the communication process.

But not every business owner is going to benefit from integrating SIP trunks into their current business communication system.

Do You Need SIP Trunks?

In order to figure out if your business can benefit from having SIP trunks installed there's a few things that you should be aware of first. The main thing that you should know is that once you decide to upgrade your business communication system to one that now uses SIP trunking, you're going to experience a much higher quality of telephone calls.

If you feel that you're spending way too much on your current business communication budget then it's definitely worth your time to find out more about how SIP trunks can help you run your business more efficiently. It's important for every business owner to run their business as efficiently as possible these days if they want to be and/or stay competitive.

If you feel that your business can benefit from more bandwidth, SIP trunking services offer more bandwidth due to the fact that all communications will now be sent over a single IP network connection. This allows for a much more efficient telephony system.

If you utilize video conferencing often, you're now able to use SIP-based video conferences as part of your business communication system. More and more business owners are making video conferences a priority these days due to the extreme flexibility that this communication method offers them.

Now it's time for you to find the best SIP trunking provider so that you can contact them and ask them any and all SIP trunking questions that you may have!

SIP Trunking Reseller Partners

If you're someone who's been thinking about reselling SIP trunking services so you can help business owners have access to a number of high-tech telephony options, then we invite you to contact us today. The opportunity for you to be successful in this particular reselling venture is definitely there because the majority of both small and medium-sized business owners are still in need of upgrading their current landline-based business communication system.

If you're wondering how you can be the best SIP trunking reseller you can possibly be so that you can help business owners decide if SIP trunks are the right choice for them or not, we can definitely help you get started on the right path. In order for you to be the best SIP trunking reseller, you're going to need to first need to find the best SIP trunking reseller partners who can assist you with all of the support you need to be successful.

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Turnkey VoIP Services Can Improve the Efficiency of a Business

Posted by Chris Griffith on Wed, Sep 10, 2014 @ 08:50 AM

Turnkey VoIP ServicesBoth small and medium-sized business owners are taking advantage of the fact that turnkey VoIP services are now completely affordable. The last few years have seen a dramatic decrease in the cost of VoIP services, which means that any-sized business can now incorporate VoIP technology into their business communication system! For many years it's been only the big corporations that have been able to afford high-tech VoIP services. But now that the cost of signing up for VoIP services have lowered substantially all of the other businesses are now signing up so they can benefit from VoIP technology, too.

Turnkey VoIP Services

When a business owner chooses to sign up for turnkey VoIP services, it means that they're doing what it takes to keep their business competitive. They understand that they're going to have access to a variety of cost saving benefits, as well as have access to a number of new communication resources that will also help them to compete with other businesses within their niche. A few specific benefits include, 1. knowing that if your business loses power you should still have access to your internet connection, which means that you can still use the telephone system, 2. VoIP is already installed into your business communication system so if you happen to move to a new location there's no new installation necessary and 3. allowing employees to work when not sitting at their desk, aka a mobile workforce, which is becoming more and more popular amongst all-sized businesses these days.

Improve the Efficiency of a Business

The following are a few important bits of information that will help a business owner understand a few essential things about turnkey VoIP services can help benefit their particular company the most.

Features. VoIP technology allows a business a variety of telephone features that are simply going to change the way they do business. Features like selective call forwarding, simultaneous ringing and much more can now be used so a telephone call is never missed. And customers will be happy because they're now offered a variety of choices when calling into a business, which will allow them to be transferred to the correct person the first time.

Updated Business Communication System. Although some telephone systems can still be used when a business communication system is updated to one that now utilizes VoIP technology, it's highly recommended to look at some new high-tech telephony choices. If you're a business owner who hasn’t updated their business system in quite a while then you just might be pleasantly surprising all of the new high-tech telephony options now available!

Efficiency. Using turnkey VoIP services is one of the best ways a business owner can make their business run more efficiently. Because the costs associated with using this high-tech telephony system are now completely affordable, business owners simply can't afford to not upgrade to using VoIP technology (well, if they want to stay competitive, that is!). And because their are so many VoIP features available, a business owner can pick and choose which of them are going to help them run their business in the most efficient manner.

Finding a VoIP Reseller

It's important to find a VoIP reseller who truly has a passion for helping business owners sign up for the turnkey VoIP services that will help them run their business more efficiently. Nobody wants to be just another customer, and instead they want to be treated like they're the only customer. In order to do this they're going to need to find the best VoIP reseller who can help them create the most efficient business communication system they possibly can.

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